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Taqatwar Pakistan

Android 5.0+
Sunridge Foods (PVT.) Limited

Today we will share with you an application in which you can help people by donating and the name of this application is Taqatwar Pakistan APK. This is a special application with the help of which you can help needy people by donating money. You must have seen many disabled people in Pakistan and have you ever wondered what those disabled people eat and how they live their lives?

So keeping them in mind, this application has been made, and within it, you can donate some money online. Taking your donated money, this company buys food for them and with the help of different delivery companies, delivers those goods to the homes of poor people.

Review of Taqatwar Pakistan APK:

This app has been created because it has become very difficult to collect donations from door to door in this busy time of today and hence this application has been made so that anyone can sit online and do it anywhere and can donate money inside.

This application is safe and reliable, you can also watch various videos related to it on the Internet. If you have any disabled relatives who are not working, then you can fill out their form and register their names in this application.

When you register their name in this app, that registration will reach their office through this app. After that, food is sent to them from there.The food that comes from Taqatwar Pakistan APK for the poor people goes to the delivery companies first as Leopards Company.

This company delivers goods to needy people which the taqatwar Pakistan app sells to them. If you are a very rich person, you can think of them and donate some money. This will get your prayers and will go to the home of a disabled and poor person. About five kg of rice, 10 kg of flour, three kg of oil, etc are sent from the ration company to the poor and needy people. Almost every month they are delivered at home and this cycle lasts for six months.

What is Taqatwar Pakistan APK?

If you have never used this application before and are using it for the first time, we will explain in detail how to donate inside and how to fill out the form for a disabled person. If you want to donate to it, first of all, you will click on the Donor option, after that you have to create an account so that you can log in.

To create an account Taqatwar Pakistan application asks you for your full name first then it will ask for your NIC below are some options you have to fill in your mobile number and email address and also have to set a password through which you can log it. When you log in, you can donate money to it as per your wish.

If you want to fill Taqatwar Pakistan registration form for a disabled person or a poor person. Then you can change the language of the beneficiary to Urdu. To make his form first you have to put his name his NIC and all the things you will need to fill the form. So that the company has no problem registering him.

This App is owned by “Unity Foods Limited” and hosted by “biafotech”. These two are very big and good companies who are running this application. So download Taqatwar Pakistan APK quickly and help many people sitting inside Pakistan.

Features of Taqatwar Pakistan APK:

  • The best means of delivering ration to poor people.
  •  Everyone can donate easily.
  • The service reaches every corner of Pakistan.
  • You have the option of charity and zakat to donate.
  • This application is free of cost.
  • The interface is very beautiful and easy to use.
  • Asks for proper information.
  • All types are free from viruses.

So all the above are features. The only purpose of this app is to deliver food to all the poor and disabled people living in Pakistan. Many people are associated with this app and are donating money. Now it is your turn to use it and donate money.


Donations for Taqatwar Pakistan APK can be done from anywhere even if you are living in any country. When you donate to him, you will feel compassion and many poor people will pray for you. This app is very best and most amazing because you can donate money online within it.

Earlier it used to be that small boxes were kept in every place. The money was collected to help the poor. But now with the advancement of technology and time, everything is done online. That is why this app has been made. So that you can donate money at any time sitting in your home. Finally, let us tell you that we have given its download link on this page. You can easily download it from there.

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April 2, 2024