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Android 5.0+
Philipp Stollenmayer

Hello friends, do you also like the word-writing game? If so, we have brought a very good word-writing game for you and its name is Supertype App. By the way, you will find many typing games by searching the internet, but you will not enjoy playing them because they do not have many options or features. But it can’t be said because everyone’s choice is different and my choice is that I have chosen this app.

Review of Supertype App:

It is very easy to play games by typing in it, especially since words are written in it very easily compared to other applications. Today every type of game is made, and there are different types of games that different types of people like.

Nowadays, everyone likes to play games on their mobiles, because many people feel good by playing games, they get enjoyment. We can also share the Supertype with our kids because it has a typing function inside it. If children play this game, they can play this game by writing any words they want. With the help of this game.

it will be very beneficial for your children, because your children will learn to type and will also learn to spell something, and they will take it religiously by playing the game. The interface of this game is very simple, your child can open it and use it easily. If you are also fond of typing, then you can easily type in it and play the game in this way.

In this game, you will get some challenges you have to complete these challenges and you will see many levels up You have to complete each level whether it is difficult or easy.

What is Supertype Apk?

Now we have entered into a modern time and many technologies have been invented in this modern time. For example, the Android application app will know how much the Android application has developed.

Tomorrow you will see that there are new episode games on every mobile and how much you people are benefiting from them. Especially if the presence of such typing games is a very important and big thing for us. Such games will also increase our typing speed. This app has been developed in a very special way so that people of all ages can play it.

After playing the Supertype App game you will have the advantage that you will get many spellings. You can write different spellings in it and you won’t have any problem in writing. When you open it, you have to write any spelling on top of its screen, and any shape is made below, when you write any spelling on it, it will fall and it will protect those words.

Will the lower safety point of the separate shape protect the spelling that falls from above you? Safety will do it and you will go to another duel. When you pass the level, the background of this game will change and you will get to see many beautiful backgrounds.

Features of Supertype App:

  • You will easily write the correct spelling while looking at the safety point below so that it falls and becomes safe on top of it.
  •  This is an excellent bar puzzle game that does not contain any viruses.
  •  is a smart working game.
  •  It is free to download.
  • You will use your brain to write words inside it.
  •  With the help of this game, you will get a chance to use your brain and the mind will be refreshed.
  •  In this, we do not have to do any registration and verification.
  •  Its interface is very simple and easy and simple.
  •  People of all ages can play it.
  •  Your typing speed will improve.
  •  You will remember the spelling of many things.

 So these were all the features of the Supertype Apk but it has many more features which you will feel while playing the game. To download it, you will find its download on this page, from there you can easily download and play it.


SuperType App is a very popular typing game And a lot of people are playing it. Through it you many new words You can access to know. Within it, The safety point will look different at each level. This means that on one level it will look different and on another, it will look different look In this way you will write up the spelling and pass the level. This is a very interesting game so download it quickly And don’t miss this opportunity Because it will benefit you a lot.

Additional Information

March 31, 2024