Running Pet: Dec Rooms

Running Pet: Dec Rooms

Android 5.0+

Running Pet: Dec Rooms is a new branded fun game.  in which you can run on a track to collect coins.  coins play an important role in this game if you collect more and more coins Then you can complete the level. Simply put, this game is fun for all ages of people. In this game, there are many challenges available and players need to complete these challenges, complete the level, and win the game easily.

Review of Running Pet: Dec Rooms:

There is no doubt that this is a brand new game but it cannot be denied that it has reached the highest level in the world of games due to its improved and strong features. Many people are familiar with this game and are playing it on their Android mobile now, if you didn’t know about this game then you should read this article completely because in it we have explained it accordingly. All information is stated.

In the game, you have to run forward on a track with the help of a cat. When you run forward, you will see coins of golden color in front of you. You have to click on these coins; the more you collect, the more benefits you get in this game.

You need coins to pass the level and to upgrade yourself, you should collect as many coins as you can. In the beginning, you will have to face a lot of difficulties in collecting the coins, but you should not lose heart and collect the coins while facing the challenges.

What is Running Pet: Dec Rooms?

When you open this APK for the first time on your mobile, you will see a beautiful cat doing different kinds of movements in front of you, and below it, you will see the tap-to-play option. Click on this option and then start playing the game.

After you click, the cat starts running on the track. And on top of this track, there are various things to disturb you or knock you down like there will be a rock, there will be a stand, or there will be a wall.

You have to ignore them and turn the cat right and left with the help of your finger or thumb and also remember that you don’t miss the coin. In the same way, when you move forward, the number of coins in front of you will also increase and boxes are kept for your reward on the way. You have to collect the new inbox too.

What’s new in Running Pet: Dec Rooms?

When you go far and collect a lot of coins, you can also change your clothes. When you pass different levels, you will see different types of tracks on every other level. For example, in the first level, there will be another track in front of you, and in the second level, there will be another track in front of you.

There will be different kinds of challenges in your way to disturb and defeat you. That’s why you have to think carefully that you don’t hit anything and collect the coins at the same time. In the same way, you can play this game and reach a huge level.

Why need to play Running Pet: Dec Rooms:

It is a very good question why play this game and what is the benefit of playing it? So this is a game that you can play to enrich your life, you can enjoy it because it is a very funny and challenging game. You can play it sitting at your home with ease.

If you have a lot of free time and you are thinking how you can spend this free time. So this game is the best solution to this problem. After playing it again and again you will become an expert in it.

It is a very interesting type of game. If you play it again and again, this game will win your heart and you will be very entertained. So now what are you waiting for, quickly download it from here and start playing.

Features of Running Pet: Dec Rooms:

In terms of features, this game is very big and worthy of appreciation. So now we know how many features it has and which one is which.

  • Its first feature is that inside it you get a lot of coins that help you upgrade yourself.
  • There are many levels in it and the shape of each level is different from the other levels.
  • The way to play it is very easy and even children can play it.
  • You can play it as much as you want at any time, there is no limit.
  • You get a chance to upgrade yourself by collecting coins.
  • You can use these coins within this game.
  •  Its interface is very simple and easy.
  • It is a fun game.
  • This game is completely virus-free.
  • You can easily download and play it on many Android devices.

How to download Running Pet: Dec Rooms?

It is very easy to download it you have to follow a few steps and we have mentioned them below you will read them carefully.

  • First of all, you will get the download link for this game from here.
  • Click on this link once then it will start downloading automatically after a few seconds
  • When it is completely downloaded, it will go into your mobile’s download manager.
  • Now, go inside the settings option and enable “Unknown Sources”.
  • Then go to the download manager of your device and click once on the file that has been downloaded.
  • From there you install it and start playing.


Running Pet: Dec Rooms is a very good comedy game and you will be very happy to open it. Finally, we want to tell you one thing if you are fond of playing the game, then you must try it once because it is a very interesting type of game. we want to tell you that we hope that you have read this article completely. we have shared all the information about this game. After downloading it, you must share it with your friends, so that they can also enjoy playing it.

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April 26, 2024