Rainbow Survivor: Hide Yellow

Rainbow Survivor: Hide Yellow

Android 5.0+
Dino Global Ltd

Rainbow Survivor: Hide Yellow MOD APK Is there the best perfect game In which you can hide From the rainbow monster If you do not want to be buste by anyone?

The main topic of this game is you can collect Many items That are seen In front of you And when you can collect these items then you are second work is that, You must bring that item Back to in shelter in unlimited time.

These items play an important role while you playing this game. If you collect more and more items then you get more chances to win the game and get more rewards. 

Review of Rainbow Survivor: Hide Yellow:

Inside you will see many small children. First of all, they will see you locked inside a house. You have to open the shelter from there and take out the children and to say a child means that you have to collect things using a child inside the game. And the things you collect must be deliver to their designate place and your level will be completed from there.

When you reach another level you have to collect other items and after passing each level you have to collect different items. You will find a control panel inside this game, with the help of which you can move the child forward, left, and right.

In the same way, all the options are available in front of you and not only that but other children are also collecting the items and you have to collect the items before them and deliver them to their designated place for example up-in. Items will be return inside the shelter.

What is Rainbow Survivor: Hide Yellow?

If we talk about its interface It is very easy First of all When you download it. after this You can easily open it on mobile After opening all the options will appear in front of you You can start this game by reading these options.

Up inside the game, All controlling You have to do is yourself therefore over there, A panel exists in which you control the game. Creates easy.

When you use it You can pass many levels again and again After playing it, it will become even easier for you. When you play it again and again you will feel like you belong Piece of cake eating This is one of his best This is a perfect example of.

Why need to play this Game?

If you have many children in your home then must download this game now. Because this game is best for children, many children are playing it and this game makes a child happy. 

No doubt this app is also for fun and entertainment all around the world this game was play. This is a new game app and this is your time now download it free and play it with your children and you can also play it.

Features of the APK:

  • You can collect many items and bring those safely into the shelter.
  • Daily get rewards from the game.
  • Almost many levels are available for playing.
  • No need for passwords and verification.
  • Free for downloading.
  • Small size app.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • Collect different items on different levels.
  • Easy to play.
  • Works on many Android devices easily.

So, these are some features of this game, but no doubt there are many unlimited features available and this game brings a lot of features. So you can get many advantages from these features.

How to download and install Rainbow Survivor: Hide Yellow?

  • Follow the below steps if you do not know about the downloading and installing process.
  • First of all, download the game from this page easily.
  • The download link is available for you on this page, you can click on the link for downloading.
  • When the downloading finishes they go to the setting and allow “Unknown sources”.
  • After that go to the download manager and click on downloaded file for installation.
  • After installing it safely, you can play it on your device.


At the last Rainbow Survivor: Hide Yellow is one of the best fun games which is available for playing. This game is new but many people play it because of its unique features. So, why are you waiting to just go on downloading and share this with your relatives and enjoy the game.

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March 5, 2024