Ragdoll Rainbow Playground APK

Ragdoll Rainbow Playground

Android 5.0+
Hyper Gamers Games

Ragdoll Rainbow Playground APK One of the best action and adventure games.  This game was release on the internet a few days ago many people are not aware of it. This game is developed by Hyper Gamers games.

The players who want to play online games and also like adventure and action games this game is especially for them.  This game is full of features and the user of this game will a  Amaze after using it.

Review Of Ragdoll Rainbow Playground MOD APK:

This is a game where all the control is in your hands. Inside it, you will see robot-shaped things along with animals, and at the same time, there are many weapons inside it. You can select as many robots as you like bring them to life and fight between them.

Ragdoll can fight with each other. You can do all this according to your wish, if you want to fight with weapons between them or fight with the help of hands and feet, then you can control all of them and do it with them. There is nothing difficult about it, you can easily do as much as you want.

What is Ragdoll Rainbow Playground MOD?

There are many options within this game that you can take help of. For example, Ragdoll has a separate option, weapons have a separate option, and monsters means different types of animals have a separate option. You can select anyone you like from there and bring them into the game and play with them.

Then you will see two portions. You will prepare a separate Ragdoll in one portion and a separate Ragdoll in the other portion.

You can prepare as much as you want. After preparing, you will see an option in front of you, when you click on it, it starts fighting.

In the end, the one who wins is mention in front of him with his color. For example, if the red one wins then the red color is display and if the green color one wins then the green color is display When you enter the game.

What’s New in Ragdoll Rainbow Playground APK MOD?

First of all, when you enter in Ragdoll Rainbow Playground MOD APK, different types of maps will appear in front of you. From these maps, you can select a map according to your choice and start the game there.

Up to 6 maps can use in this game. After that, some maps are lock and you can unlock those maps by winning rewards within the game.

Along with this, there are many weapons available to you within the game, select of which will be done by yourself. Different types of animals are also present in it. You can select an animal according to your choice and fight with a Ragdoll.

Along with this, many weapons have been lock inside this game and you have to do a lot of hard work to unlock them.

One of the advantages of winning the game is that when you win it by selecting your favorite site and passing the level, new maps are opened for you, and many weapons are opened by looking at this situation is also opened for you.

So is Ragdoll Rainbow Playground MOD APK very interesting and great type of game, Download it quickly and take advantage of this opportunity.

Features of Ragdoll Rainbow Playground APK:

  • There are many weapons of all kinds in it, you can use them as much as you want.
  • There are many and all kinds of Ragdolls.
  • You can select any map according to your choice and play the game.
  • You can open or close the student system as you wish.
  • You can add and delete Ragdoll as you wish.
  • All the tools that are need in fighting games are available for you.
  • Very simple to use.
  • If we talk about the interface, it has been design in a very good way so that everyone can understand it.

so all these are the main features of Ragdoll Rainbow Playground.  You can see all these features in the game now it’s time to download it and start fighting.


Ragdoll Rainbow Playground APK is one of the best gaming apps that allows you to fight with others.  You can kill others and pass the level. 

If you do not play adventurous action games then this is the best opportunity for you because this game is there available here You can download it from this page and start playing a new and amazing adventure game. 

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March 4, 2024