Phone Finder by clap and Flas Apk

Phone Finder by Clap and Flash App

Android 5.0+
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Hello friends, have you ever lost your mobile phone? Then Phone Finder by clap and Flas Apk are here for you. When lose your phone but after a long time you have got your mobile phone and you are very worried till you get the mobile phone. But now you don’t have to worry. Because this APK is present at your service.

Review Of Phone Finder by clap and Flas Apk:

Phone Finder by clap and Flas App an app that will help you find your lost mobile phone. When you download it on the phone and also activate it in the mobile. So you will not face any difficulty in finding the mobile. Even if your mobile is in a dark place.

You just have to do one thing that you have to clap with the help of your hands and then wherever your mobile is, the mobile will play a funny ringtone and flash light as well. So what else do you need better than that you will get your mobile phone after a clap.

What is Phone Finder by clap and Flas Apk?

Its interface is very smart and cute to look at. If you use it for a minute, you will understand its entire interface easily. There is no doubt that after opening it, ads start to be seen in it, and let us tell you that ads run inside this app which you will see.

It will not ask you for any password or login and will not ask you for any personal information. Because of this, its interface is very simple. All its options are available on its home page. You can read and follow them from there.

Why need to use Phone Finder by clap and Flas?

When you open it for the first time. So first you have to select a language. You can select according to your country or your preferred language. After that, it will ask you for some settings which you have to complete. Setting it up is very easy.

You can set the flashlight according to the time according to your wish and can also set the sound of your favorite animal in the form of a ringtone.It contains cat sounds, chicken sounds, dog sounds, frog sounds, and many other animal sounds. You can set a funny ringtone by listening to them one by one.

When your mobile is lost but you have installed and activated this App. So you have to play a clap with the help of your hands. If there is no reaction from the mobile, then you have to clap twice.With this, your mobile will start playing the ringtone that you have selected yourself. Along with this, the flashlight will also start flashing and the flashlight will flash for the time you have set it. So what are you thinking right now, this app is amazing.

Is Phone Finder by Clap and Flas Apk safe to use?

This app will not affect your mobile in any way. The purpose of this app is to make its users happy. Its function is to help the user to locate the user’s mobile if it is lost. You can use it without worry. If we talk about its size, its size is also very small and it is a very fast working app.

There is no virus in it, you can use it safely. There is an option in the sidebar above its home page. You can open this option to check the rate of this app and give it a rating.

How to download Phone Finder by clap and Flas MOD APK?

Now it’s time to download it. Downloading it is very easy and we will teach you how to download it in simple words.

  • You have to look at the top of this page and there you will find the download button.
  • All you have to do is click on it once. When clicked, it will start downloading after a few seconds.
  • Then download will start so wait for some time.
  • As everything takes some time to download, this app will also take some time to download.
  • When the download is complete you can install it and use it easily.

If you have any problem downloading or for some reason this app is not downloading. Then comment and we will help you.

Advantages of the APK:

  • The first advantage of this app is that if your mobile is lost in your home. then you do not need to search every place to find.
  • You do not need anybody to find your phone.
  • Just clap to find your smartphone.
  • Gives the best opportunity to phone.
  • And many more others.


Phone Finder by Clap and Flas Apk is very smart because you can imagine that with one of our claps, it starts working. Many people forget their mobile by keeping it in a corner of the house or in a dark place. Also, some people hide their friends’ mobiles for pranks. But now their fun is not going to last long because, with one of our claps, we will know where the mobile is or who has it.

So what are you thinking now download it quickly so that your mobile phone doesn’t get left in any place. If it is left, get it soon

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March 30, 2024