Baby Survivor: Hide Daddy APK

Baby Survivor: Hide Daddy

Android 5.0+

Baby Survivor: Hide Daddy is a new type of game in which there is a small baby and he hides anything and throws different kinds of things around while doing a lot of mischief with his family members. He hides from his family. Householders find it here and there and keep it inside the house in a safe place. That child is very cute and plays an important role in the game.

Similarly, you can play this game by becoming that child inside the game. So now let’s go into what kind of game it is and how it is played at the same time let us tell you that you will read the entire article below because in it we have all about this game. Information and information have been shared.

Review Of Baby Survivor: Hide Daddy:

In this game, there is a small child who disturbs his family by doing various kinds of mischief and also makes them happy and makes fun of them. There are different types of things inside the house that the child hides from his family here and there. When that child walks forward carrying anything, the family runs behind him.

Baby Survivor: Hide Daddy game, you have to play this game by becoming that child, but not only that, you have to play with different types of characters. For example, you will play as a child, sometimes you will find the child as the father of the child.

This is a very fun and entertaining game in which you will see many beautiful things. If we talk about the interface of this game, it is very beautiful. This is not a game, but many people are already playing it. After completing one task, you go to another task.

For example, in the first task, you will be a child and steal or pick up something in front of your father and hide it somewhere or throw it out of the house, and in the second level, you will assume the role of father and will find the child.

Why need to play Baby Survivor: Hide Daddy APK?

This is a very excellent and good question, why is it important to play this game, we give you the answer to this question. For example, suppose that you are very bore or maybe your children are disturbing you inside the house and you want to engage them in a good game or something good.

So you can download this game and show it to your children so that they can play this game and benefit from it and also get entertain. With this, you can do any work inside without being disturb.

A lot of people like to play video games and they like games that make them happy and entertained. That’s why this game is made so that many people can enjoy playing it and use their free time properly. If you are also among such people, then you will download this game quickly.

How to play Baby Survivor: Daddy Hide MOD Game APK?

  • How to play this game is very easy. First of all, when you download this game and open it, you will see a laughing child in front of you.
  • After that, you have to click on the play option.
  • ¬†When you start playing, there will be a panel in front of your mobile screen. Within the interface of this game to turn the child right and left, with the help of which you can move left and right.
  • In the beginning, you are given directions with the help of an arrow on which thing to steal or hide.
  • Then you will reach this object according to this direction. When you go near this object, you will get the option of Grab. You have to click on this option to get this object and run ahead.
  • Along with moving forward, what to do is that no one of your family members is chasing you and if someone is chasing you, then you have to run quickly and hide in a place.
  • In the same way, you can play this game, and let us tell you that when you complete the first task, you have to do another task in the second task and this is what we have told you in the above lines. Is. So what are you waiting for, quickly download this funny game and you can play it with your friends family, and especially your kids, and kids will be very happy playing it.

Features of Baby Survivor: Hide Daddy:

  • If we talk about the features, this is a great and interesting game in terms of features.
  • The biggest feature of this game is that you can play the game in different characters.
  • You get to see a very nice interface.
  • Within this you are given or reward after completing the task.
  • Another great feature of this game is that you can play this game with your children without any problem.
  • It is very easy to download and you can download and use it for free.
  • It works within most Android devices and is easily downloaded and installed.

How to Download?

To download you have to follow a few steps and these steps we have mentioned below you will read them one by one from there so that you will not have any problems in downloading and installing.

  • First of all, you will find its download link inside this article.
  • Click once on this download link then it will start downloading after a few seconds.
  • When the download process is complete, you have to go inside the download merger of your mobile. Click on the file that has download from there to install it.
  • When you click on this file to install, it will ask you for some permission. Then you have to go inside your device settings. From there, you have to say hello to “Unknown sources”.
  • After that, you can easily install it and play it on your mobile.


Baby Survivor: Hide Daddy is a game that attracts you to the world of games. Its various features will provide you with a lot of fun and entertainment while playing the game. So you will quickly download this game and yes let us also tell you that. If you have read the above article completely then you must have understood about this game. Because in it we have All the information related to the game has share with you.

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April 2, 2024